Sunday, August 28, 2011

bye bye my hair~~

Posted by Jamie at 8:46 PM
bye bye to ma long long silky smooth hair..
i will miss u always n wait 4u to b bak....
mayb after.....
in the saloon still wondering what hair style i wana change...
finally i decided i want ma hair style to be either the left o the right pic....
it ended up so THIS.....

darling also had a new haircut..
but so sorry cant c clearly...^^
its not what i wanted..(i mean the hairstyle)
but i dare not to ask the "hair cutter" to cut my hair shorter
"hair cutter"--is a person who cuts hair
(i don wana call him as a hair stylist cos he don sound dat pro ==")

another thing is that i was very sick on that day...
sick in the way of cant even speak a single word...
i hav totally no sound, no voice..
but he stil keep asking me questions,talk to me, chat wif me..
so i FORCE myself to ans u wif my broken voice but u cant hear clearly and u want me 2repeat it AGAIN??!!!
hello boss, juz cut my hair nicely la,pleeassssseeeeee~~~~

the next day,v went for gym..
v got one mth free trial..wahahahah~~
n signed for another month...=(

wait n c..i want to be muscular!!!(just kidding=p)
*i just want to be slim...^^

while waiting they process things like member card for us...
say CHEESE and

after all processes done...
n before v start working out...
wakakaka...v went for lunch...
high calories, oily n unhealthy food..
no choice,this is wat v got the nearest around dat area...
++ v r very very hungry....


love you much dear...

work out starts........

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ma 2nd boyfie

Posted by Jamie at 8:31 PM
dang dang dang dang~~~~
now introduce you......

ma new boyfie!!!!
yo yo yo!!!
act like a BOSS...
*without neck lol*

Monday, August 1, 2011

beginning of AUGUST!!!

Posted by Jamie at 8:31 PM

very lazy aaahhhhh!!!!
and dono wat to write for this blog..
kind of empty~~

boyfie started new job will b very bc n won hav much time wif me...
luckily i hav exam dis week, if not...i will gone

to my

ⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔ ♡

"add oil in watever u doing now..
no matter wat, i will always b with u n supporting u..


must be happy, always...

i lup you~~~"


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